What to know: Solo travel Lesson #1

I’ve traveled alone before and I do have a few tips that can make the journey a little more road-166543_1280manageable.

Even more-so as a woman in a foreign country, or anywhere really, it is important to prepare. It’s great to be open minded and lead with your heart, but safety is always of importance when you are in unfamiliar lands.

  1. Read travel advisories on the country’s website: This was a tip from my friend Kay, and it helped me really evaluate how to navigate travel in Costa Rica.
  2. Wear a small crossbody purse. I invested in a small blue cross body purse that is big enough to fit my passport, phone and a few other necessary travel items. Because the purse is small, it fits snuggly next to my body so I don’t have to worry about a large cumbersome bag nor worry about being a temptation for thieves.
  3. Pick a backpack with wheels. My favorite asset to be quick and mobile is a carry on suitcase with both backpack straps and a handle and wheels. When I travel alone I don’t check luggage, I’m able to get on and off of flights easily with less wait time.
  4. Take a light sweater for the plane. I get cold. A light cardigan is my perfect travel companion because i can put it on or pack it into my bag easily.

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