Keep calm, nothing will go as planned

One thing about raw travel, and about life in general, is that you simply cannot plan every moment, and things you do plan may or may not go as you expect.

So now I guess I’ve embraced the spirit of pura vida- or maybe it was there all along.

Regardless every day is a new adventure a new surprise. You just have to be open to it!

Even when you miss your plane and have to take another airline that is filming a commercial… That you get to be a part of.  

PS don’t take Nature Air. I am not the only one who didn’t make it on the 1pm. The family that I met also missed it, and the staff at the airline are NOT forgiving nor accommodating.  I took Sansa they have better flight schedules.
Or when you’re so happy to by rescued by your dive boat…

Or when when you order lobster for lunch and this is what they bring you!

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