Top Products for Perfect Curly Hair

I fought my hair texture for a good portion of my life. It took me a very long time to understand how curly hair needs to be treated and learn to be sensitive to the needs of my hair. (Yes, this is a real thing curls have a life of their own) This means that over the course of almost 30 years of living with curly hair I’ve had a series of very unfortunate hair cuts, lobbed off bangs every now and again, wished for the straight blonde hair of the popular girls in middle school, went through a headband phase, dressed my hair in bandanas and hats, and subjected my strands to various heat styling contraptions.

For ladies struggling to tame frizz or to keep their curl I am sharing my top 4 favorite curly products. Curls have the tendency to be very very dry, depending on climate and external factors these products I’ve found are all super weightless while being easy on your hair texture. These are my go-to gems that I can always rely on for silky strands. Check it out! Have you tried any of these?

hair products

Listed in order clockwise:

  1. Creme of Nature Pudding Perfection
  2. Organix Quenching Coconut Curls
  3. Not Your Mothers Beach Babe Texturizing Hair Cream
  4. Cantu Shea Butter Moisturizing Curl Activator Cream

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