The ONE phrase I’ve taken out of my vocabulary, and why you should too!

It’s easy to get bogged down in the day to day. I’m guilty of getting sucked up a time or two. And the ultimate thought for most of us is always why is this happening or how is this happening.

Hence why I’ve taken this one phrase out of my repertoire completely: “that’s not fair”

Admittedly, often it takes a deep breath and a moment of suspense to restrain the words from rolling out of my mouth, some other very VERY calculated times I’ve decidedly and consciously thought the situation through and realize sometimes the proverbial slices of the pie of life are not always equally-sized.

Life is not fair, people are not fair, situations are not fair. It’s among one of the toughest and most humbling lessons to learn. Nothing is fair in life.

I met a woman who recently gave me a very welcome and very bright word of advice: regardless of the situation all that you have control of is your own reaction. That’s it. You literally only have control of how you react to the situation; how you react to others; the words that you use; the actions that you take.

This concept plays hand in hand with the balance of life. So here’s the mental challenge for you: take a conscious look at situations, stop complaing why they aren’t fair to you and start proactively readjusting your thoughts and reprioritizing your reactions.


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