Weave your way through Arizona sights 

 C and I decided to take a roughly 3,000 mile road trip through New Mexico and Arizona to get a view of more wonders of the west. 

In true MostInterestingEllen fashion we were 100% ready for adventure but only 50% researched. We’ve compiled tips that we’ve picked up along the way for the fierce adventurers and habitually haphazard. 

Grand Canyon Tips 

  • Walk the rim: the observation points where there are 10,000 other gawking tourist offer little of a view. Take some time to walk the rim and find your own breathtaking views
  • Park further and utilize the bus routes: exercise the far extremities of the orange and blue routes of the shuttle bus, you’ll avoid some of the foot traffic and madness of the masses of plebeian tourists
  • Hike down if you can and see the canyon from different vantage points. Just keep in mind whatever you hike down you’ll have to hike back up.

Horseshoe Bend Tips

  • See it! But don’t book a tour group: Since half of the attractions that you’ll want to do in Arizona require some sort of permit or guide to do, no one will tell you that you can casually pull off the road and walk yourself into Horseshoe Bend
  • Wear clothes that make sense: It seems pretty basic but I saw people in all sorts of garb, including metallic jackets, open toe flip flops and sandals. I also saw a lot of people teetering on the edge or sliding down gravel to get the perfect picture. You’re traipsing through hot sand and gravel to end on uneven rocks. Use discretion.

Antelope + Waterhole Canyon Tips

  • If you’re dead set on Antelope Canyon, book a tour in advance. Particularly if you go on a busy weekend, you run the risk of not getting in.
  • If you’re feeling adventurous try another local canyon as an alternative. We hiked Waterhole Canyon which proved to be more strenuous but very memorable.

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