Becoming the love that the world needs

Now is the time more than ever to step up and be love and put love back in the world that needs to be there.

There’s been too much violence and hate in the world and it leaves me feeling and absorbing the vulnerability of the world more than ever. I feel the best way to proactively combat negativity is by becoming the opposite; restoring the positivity, the light, the kindness that people need.

I left for work this morning thinking this: we have to fill our home with as much love as possible and we have to be vessels of love when we interact with the world outside.

This means being accepting of others, understanding different perspectives, and being introspective of my own actions.

This translates into:

Being unafraid to help others. Being kind. Slowing down, being present and connected to savor the good and memorable times. Holding a hug just a bit longer. Listening to my loved ones and making sure that they know they’re loved. And lastly seeing what I have and offering to others.

How will you make a difference?

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