10 Travel Tips for the Azores Islands, Portugal

Lush green fields, dense and magical hiking spots, ocean views for days, quaint European towns. If you love old world charm, quiet cobblestone sidewalks and lush greenery then you’ll fall in love with the Azores.

10 Things to See in Terceira Island, Portugal

1. Caves

The volcanic Azorean islands are home to numerous caves and lava tubes that lend an aire of adventure to an otherwise romantic trip.

2. Cafés

Calling all coffee lovers! The espresso and cafe lattes will keep you rolling all day. But the gem is lax, social atmosphere in the local cafe shops where friends and neighbors roll through for a quick cup and bite to eat.

3. Waterfalls and Lakes

Tucked between rolling hills and lush green forest are glistening lakes and rolling tributaries making their way to the see. Take time to sit and reflect.

4. Hiking

There is immeasurable beauty in the forest. We spent hours hiking up the Serra Santa Bárbara, a pretty steep climb at some points but very rewardingly scenic climb all the way through.

5. Scenic townships

The Azores towns are quiet and quaint. Each side walk is beautifully mosaic laden with cobblestones in black and white pattern. The locals are friendly but not warm.

6. Beef

O Cachalote is non-assuming in location but don’t be fooled by the relaxed atmosphere– you have never eaten a steak like this. Served raw, hand-seared by you on a volcanic stone, complemented by three uniquely flavorful sauces. You will have never had an experience quite like this one.

7. Volcanic Swimming Pools in Biscoitus

The unbelievable natural swimming area in Biscoitus are a must-see in Terceira. Take a towel and picnic, the pools offer a scenic and unique swimming experience.

8. Mountains

The beautiful mountain ranges are a nod to the volcanic roots of the island. Featuring lush greenery, hidden waterfalls and lakes nestled into the mountainside, wrapped in a thick layer of fog.

9. The countryside

Take a drive across the island and get to know the small provinces outlined by volcanic stone fences, lush farms and colorful homes.

10. The Views

Take time to savor the absolutely unique and breathtaking views from various points of altitude across the island.

Best Tips for traveling to Terceira in the Azores

  1. Rent a car and drive everywhere
  2. Walk to dinners and see your ‘neighborhood’
  3. Pack a mix of warm weather clothes with sweaters and warm socks
  4. Explore! Don’t plan too much. Just get off the plane and go!

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