Floral Crown Up Do Tutorial

Despite their modern-day reputation as a bohemian chic hair accessory, floral crowns actually date back to Ancient Greece. In fact, many Grecian goddesses were depicted with hairstyles that were adorned with floral crowns.

Floral crown up do tutorial

Across centuries and in many cultures a floral crown has been used in ritual and celebration of seasons, holidays and special occasions such as weddings and solstices. In the 1960s floral crowns became a uniquely symbolic accessory that echoed the rebellious and free-spirited era.

Today, the floral crown still resonates as a playful or even romantic accessory for hair.

Floral crown up do tutorial hairstyle for curly hair

I’ve personally always loved floral crowns as a quick and easy hair accessory and I’ve created this easy, flirty floral updo using a crown made of small delicate roses.

Here’s how to recreate this look:


Easy hairstyle for wedding prom with flowersUp do ideas

Flower crown hair do tutorial

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