Anti-Aging Dry Skin Treatment | S. E. S. Botanical Actives Facial Oil

Ladies, skin care is NOT optional.

Between all of the drying elements we face daily, combined with sun damage and lack of hydration – we do a number on our most precious asset. You get only ONE face, so take good care of her!

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I am lucky to partner with Beauty Influence Brands who sent me a test bottle of S.E.S. Botanical Actives Facial Oil, which firms and smooths skin with anti-aging vitamins that skin craves! I apply it after removing my makeup before bed at night, and again before applying makeup in the morning and WOW – this serum leaves skin hydrated and smooth.

The natural scent is nice but is gentle on my sensitive skin. Natural oils soften skin, while antioxidants reduce free radicals that age the skin dramatically. Available for purchase on Amazon and at Ross stores. Cruelty-free.

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