Pull Through Bubble Braid | Hair Tutorial

This pull through bubble braid is the wild, voluminous younger sister of the basic bubble pony.

This voluminous hair style takes a little practice, but comes out super cute!

  1. Start with a basic high pony of hair of about 1 inch. Use a small elastic to secure
  2. Move the first pony out of the way and secure a second pony directly below the first.
  3. Split the first pony in half and wrap each section of hair around the bottom pony. Secure with an elastic below the second pony.
  4. Create a third pony right below the second and secure with an elastic. Combine the first and second pony and split into two sections that wrap around the third pony. Secure with an elastic and repeat 3-4 more times, until you’ve successfully secured all of your hair into small ponies ending at the base of the neck.
  5. Use hair elastics to make “bubbles” in length of the single large pony for the length of your hair and secure.
  6. Using your index finger and thumb, pouf each bubble by gently tugging strands of hair around the circumference of each bubble. Spray with hair spray and go!

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