Have a Happy Monday | Tips for a Better Week

The weekend begins to fade and the bright morning sunlight of Monday seeps through. Having a great Monday not only makes the start of the week fantastic but can make for a fabulous, productive week.

Read these tips for how to have a happy Monday that is motivating through the entire week!

1. Set your intentions. Decide what you want to accomplish for the week and focus on it. It helps to take a few minutes to quietly meditate on your intent for the week alone and without distraction, even if it’s in the car ride to work.

2. Make a list and prioritize. Nothing sets the standard for the week like making a list before you start in. Plan, set, execute. In that order.

3. Slow down your routine. Don’t get caught in the hustle of the week just yet. Take a minute to focus yourself, drink your coffee, find your confident outfit, whatever sets the standard.

4. Feed yourself. This is a literal and figurative recommendation. Make sure you’re physically off to a successful week by starting with a nutritious breakfast. Make sure you’re off to a mentally and spiritually great week by including self-care activities, like seeing friends, solo down time, or beauty care, into your weekly schedule.

5. Focus on your strengths. Before getting swept into the week, mentally state 3-5 great strengths about yourself. It sounds cheesy, but the words in your head become the words that define your output.

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