I officially don’t want to be a mermaid

Today I got lost at sea.

Let me explain. I took a trip to the Islas Murcielagos, better known by the dive community as the Bats. We went to see bull sharks-which we did not see…bummer

And the boat ride was great! And then…    

We got lost at sea for 1.5 hours…


The visibility wasn’t great but the issue was the very strong current. So when we surfaced we surface a good distance from where we’d started… And our boat couldn’t see us, nor hear us nor find us. And they expected us to surface on the other side of the island from where we were.

So we calmly waited and bobbed. And after 30 minutes we decided to proactively attempt to flag down the boat. Then we decided to swim-against the current, full dive gear and weight belts, against the current 5 miles toward the island cropping. We didn’t make it far. An hour and a half later we hear a boat.

Problem! Where is our dive master? You don’t know panic till your boat captain is in panic. But we found him! Whew.

Look at these happy people- so glad to be saved and alive!

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