11 Ways to Instantly Feel Great!

When you feel great nothing can stop you! I’m all about feeling not just GREAT but feeling AMAZING! You can’t be your most Interesting self if you don’t feel great. Try out these 11 tips to improve your mood and help you feel fabulous. Self care baby, it’s absolutely necessary!

Note: These tips are not meant to diagnose or treat any medical or mental health illnesses. If you have any sustained issues please consult with a professional health provider.

1. Snub Your Screen and Embrace the Morning

Resist the urge to reach for your phone when you first wake from sleep. Snub your notifications and allow time to wake up uninhibited. Dedicate a wake up grace period during which you ignore your phone and any notifications that came through overnight.

11 ways to boost mood and feel great

2. Sniff Citrus 🍊

Studies suggest that the smell of citrus fruits, especially orange, has positive mood boosting effects on the brain. Time to bust out the citrus essential oils and spark up your orange scented candle.

Citrus food boosts mood

3. Take a Time Out

Breathe, meditate, sit, walk, read, nap. However you get your fix, be sure to take. Break for yourself.

4. Cross Something Off Your To Do List

Don’t let your list get too long. A proactive approach to getting must-do’s off your list so that you can enjoy your want-to-do’s is imperative. It’s simpler than you think. Make a short list and pick your 1-2 items to complete (or all!). Set a time limit and plan your execution route. It’ll be done quicker than you think and you’ll feel accomplished!

5. Freshen Your Home with Flowers

Who doesn’t love fresh flowers? I love having fresh bouquets in my home every week. As it turns out, it isn’t just the natural beauty that we love. Researchers at Harvard found that keeping fresh flowers at home has positive affects such as reduced anxiety, negativity, more compassionate feelings toward others, and increased energy and productivity at work.

6. Go for a Walk Outside

Fresh air + physical activity = winning healthy combo

It’s no secret that physical activity releases good mood-boosting endorphins. Researchers also find that being outside is good for improving your mood and even combating season mood disorders.

7. Celebrate Your Wins

Take a moment to think through what you’ve accomplished today or this week. Sometimes we get too caught up with focusing on what’s up next that we don’t give due credit to ourselves for what we’ve done. You rock! (Don’t let yourself forget it!)

8. Nibble Antioxidants

Foods that are rich in antioxidants can make you feel GREAT! Studies have found that eating antioxidant rich foods, especially foods high in vitamins E, C and Beta Carotene, has positive impacts on those with depression.

9. Say Yes!

That invite to a coffee or lunch , night out with the girls, brunch on the patio. Go ahead and flex your social butterfly wings- it’s good for you! Resist the urge to say no, dress yourself up and GO! You’ll have more fun than you think, and nurturing time seeing friends or family is an easy way to feel GREAT!

10. Sleep Well

Sweet dreams are what feeling great is made of! As it turns out research suggests a link between quality of sleep and positive life outlook.

Here are a few tips to sleep better:

  • Reduce screen time before bed
  • Clear your mind and relax
  • Create the right sleep environment- including bedding, temperature, light and scent
  • 11. Count Your Positives

    Reflect, write them down, speak them aloud, make a toast. Think and reflect upon at least 3 wonderful things or people that you’re thankful for. Life is filled with wonder!

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