Slow Down! How to Beat the Mental Rush 

Ever feel like you’re on a voraciously quick timeline everyday? You aren’t alone.

Perhaps that is a side-effect of youth,  perpetuated by culture, amplified by social media, or spurred by an inner drive. Whatever the reason, we all need to take time to reset, reframe and refresh. This constant hurry affects our happiness and stress-levels, decision-making, attentiveness and engagement with everyday life.

Use these tips to slow down and recharge yourself.

Reframe your mindset

See it from all sides. Breathe. Perspective and frame of mind can impact or inhibit your success.

Don’t stress over what’s out of your control

You can’t stress over the unpredictable variables in life. Flexibility is among one of the most underrated qualities in a person. Adaptability builds grit.

Seek calm

Retreat to your calm space. I’m a solid fan of relaxing and taking time to indulge through quiet cleansing and relaxation.

Set organization

Tackle some form of organization. It can be as simple as organizing a few documents at work, cleaning off a shelf, or as large reorganizing a closet. Slowing down to attend to details of organization can ease the stress of the mad rush, and inadvertently reorganize your mind.

Curve big impulse moves

Wait to cut the bangs, quit the job, cut ties, fire up the engines-until you’ve had proper time to think through all perspectives.

Don’t talk about it be about it 

Think about the millionth time you’ve heard a friend complain about the woes of their job/relationship/situation, but they never make one move to change it. It gets old to all involved. If and when you’re ready to make a change, act on it.

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